Welcome to Ten Four DC!

10-4 DC is the Stage, YOU are the show, and YOU are the voice! Every year people from all across the US travel to Washington DC to put their trucks on public display on the National Mall located between the Capital and the Washington Monument. They come to talk to the public to share their pride and issues within our industry. While you are in DC you will have the chance to talk to your elected officials and regulatory agencies. We also encourage you to see the sights like the capital tour, White House, monuments, museums, and more.

We urge each and every person whether you are a Motor Carrier, Owner Operator, Lease Operator, Company Driver, if you drive a truck or not, to attend, because this industry affects the entire world. From the field to the plate nothing moves without the trucks you will see on display. Make your plans for whether your seeking knowledge, camaraderie, or spreading your experience we have a place for you! We will be seeing ya....10-4!!!!


"We're going to Washington, D.C. again this October - only this time we're rolling in with style and grace. This is about public awareness, pride in our trucks, and pride in our industry."

- BriAn Brase, Group Liason



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10-4 DC is the Stage — YOU are the Show!