October Event Information

- If you have not already done so, please register for Ten Four DC by clicking here or clicking Registration in the top navigation menu. You are not guaranteed a parking spot on the National Mall if you are not registered.

- Please visit the Event Calendar for a detailed list of all events, their times, and their locations. 

- Please make any special requests for convoy placement and/or parking needs at the registration table when you sign in.

- Drivers arriving after October 2nd or needing to leave prior to 9 AM on October 5th will not be able to park on the National Mall. Rather, they will be parked along the street parallel to the event. These parking spots are reserved for free during the event.

- Idling of trucks is not permitted on the National Mall. A hotel reservation is strongly recommended.

- Legislators and other government representatives as well as The President will be invited and may be visiting our event throughout our time on the National Mall.

- Event sponsor fee is $50. This will get you a 10’x10’ spot on the National Mall to set up a booth. All monies from sponsors will be used to cover the expenses for the event.

-If you have a trailer, you can drop it at the Fredericksburg, VA fairgrounds. This is our meeting point on October 2, 2019. It is a large secured area that is gated and locked with 24 hour security.

Below is a map of Fredericksburg Agricultural Fairgrounds in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Here is the physical address: Fredericksburg Agricultural Fairgrounds 2400 Airport Ave Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Below is a map of the National Mall and surrounding area in Washington, D.C. - Please note that you must be registered and travel to the National Mall with the event convoy in order to park on the National Mall itself.